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Match Treatment to YOUR Cancer.

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The National Cancer Institute warns that “current methods to assess potential cancer treatments are cumbersome, expensive, 

and often inaccurate.”

3 out of 4 patients 

who receive systemic therapy are treated with drugs that do not work for them. This is because cancer is personal.

Each tumor is distinct in composition and responds differently to the same treatment but current standard of care is based on generalized parameters, potentially exposing patients to several rounds of ineffective overtreatment.

And, as cancer research produces new treatment options aimed at improving outcomes, treatment selection becomes even more complicated.

There is a critical, unmet, and urgent need to match the right treatment to each patient on a personalized basis.

Treatment that is right for YOU.


The conventional approach is to try treatment options – for months – in the patient resulting in substantial undue pain, avoidable costs, and lost time, until the right regimen is found.

Contrast that with our patented POET® (Personalized Oncology Efficacy Test) approach to screen multiple therapy agents simultaneously on standard biopsy tissue obtained from the patient’s own tumor.

POET® is like miniaturized tic-tac-toe on biopsy tumor tissue. All treatment agents are tested at once, with a different agent in each box. Xs show treatments that will not work while Os point to the best options for that patient.

Matching treatments to tumors in less than 7 days – outside the patient and before treatment begins – to identify the right treatment for each patient on a personalized basis.

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