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Dated: 5/30/2024

We are in the midst of a historic moment in the life sciences sector. Newsweek will be hosting a panel discussion at the upcoming BIO International Convention in San Diego. This is one of the largest, most-comprehensive events for the biotech industry, attended by over 20,000 industry leaders from across the globe. Newsweek Senior Science Reporter Pandora Dewan will be joined by five industry experts to discuss the promises and challenges of these future innovations and, most importantly, how they can be delivered to those who need them. Although the event is sold out, a recording will be available on Newsweek's YouTube channel after the event.

Dated: 5/28/2024

CerFlux will be joining biotech industry leaders and investors in a series of events hosted alongside BIO International Convention. These events will be aimed at accelerating advances in biotech and life sciences across several themes including AI/ML and precision personalized medicine in oncology.


Dated: 5/9/2024

This is Dr. Budhwani's third consecutive year leading a panel at BIO International Convention. The panel will include leaders from Johnson & Johnson, Frederick National Laboratory (FNL) for Cancer Research, and Alnylam. The panel titled, "The Oncology Endgame: Assemble and Shine with Precision Medicine, or Lose." will focus on how AI can improve cancer drug research and address challenges facing biotech and pharmaceutical companies. “We must ensure we are utilizing all available tools in our fight against cancer, including advancements in AI,” said Dr. Scully, Partnership Director at FNL. 

BIO2024 CerFlux J&J FNL Alnylam.png

Dated: 5/14/2024

Precision medicine and artificial intelligence (AI) are ushering in major changes in oncology. Precision medicine is an innovative medicinal approach that moves away from a one-size-fits-all strategy to personalized treatments that account for the patient’s genetics. “We have a clear choice,” Budhwani said. “We can either harness these transformative technologies to shape the future of medicine or we can watch from the sidelines as others seize the opportunity to make a global and generational impact. This panel discussion is about this choice—about positioning biotech leaders to take maximum advantage of these technologies to crush cancer.”


Dated: 4/11/2024

"CerFlux exemplifies the type of innovative company, with the potential to make a profound impact globally, that the Innovate Alabama Supplemental Grant Program aims to support," said Innovate Alabama CEO Cynthia Crutchfield. "We're excited to partner with CerFlux as they continue to develop transformative technologies and create new jobs and opportunities in Alabama."

CerFlux Lab.png

Dated: 4/17/2024

When you think of Alabama technology, you may conjure sepia-toned images of Carver’s zany peanut inventions or grainy footage of the first moon landing. What you may not realize, is how Alabamians today continue to generate world-changing technologies. The Innovate Alabama Supplemental Grant recipient, CerFlux, is changing the way cancer can be treated by developing a personalized test for more precise treatment for each patient’s unique cancer.

TIBTECH ChipMux Cover.png

Dated: 8/1/2023

CerFlux ChipMux technology addresses the critical, urgent, and unmet need for accessible and affordable predictive technologies that identify optimal therapy regimens and strategically eliminate ineffective options. This represents a major departure from the generalized one-size-fits-none approach to cancer treatment. This endeavor is further enhanced by a commercial-academic collaboration with the James Comprehensive Cancer Center at the Ohio State University.  

Dated: 6/7/2023

Scenes from the BIO International Convention 2023 panel, "Is Your Billion-Dollar Oncology AI Cutting-Edge Technology or is it Artificial Ignorance?" moderated by Dr. Karim Budhwani (CEO-Scientist at CerFlux) with expert panelists Dr. Maggie Scully (Director of Partnership Development at Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research), Tahera Kan, MBA, MS (VP of Precision Medicine and Enabling Technology at Johnson & Johnson), and Dr. Sandeep Menon (Chief Scientific Officer of AI and Digital Science at Pfizer).


Dated: 12/15/2023

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA) proudly announces its commitment to advancing breast cancer research in Alabama through a substantial investment of $1,250,000 in 2023. This grant will support 35 cutting-edge research projects at 8 esteemed institutions, further powering a future free from breast cancer. Among the beneficiaries are Alabama State University, CerFlux, HudsonAlpha Institute, Tuskegee University, O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Alabama, and Mitchell Cancer Institute.


Dated: 1/16/2023

“Alabamians have always been innovators – from cutting-edge agricultural techniques to the Saturn V rocket that took humans to the moon. At Innovate Alabama, we are on a mission to continue fostering Alabama’s rich history of innovation through initiatives like our grant program,” said Cynthia Crutchfield, Innovate Alabama CEO. CerFlux, was a first-round grant recipient of this program that seeks to drive innovation from new knowledge to address some of the most intractable challenges facing humanity.

BIO2023 CerFlux FNL J&J Pfizer.jpg

Dated: 5/19/2023

“Applying AI has tremendous potential in our fight against cancer, from improving screening to predicting treatment outcomes,” said Dr. Scully, FNL’s partnership development manager. “To bolster that potential, the field has seen innovative partnership models and training activities targeting previously untapped talent pools.” Dr. Budhwani, CEO of CerFlux added, “These dialogues are extremely important in how we shape this landscape, because there is no mistaking that we will shape the landscape.”


Dated: 5/11/2023

“Billions of dollars and FOMO investor zeal frantically chasing the promise of artificial intelligence have been snared instead in 'artificial ignorance',” Budhwani said. "But pausing AI in oncology is not an option. In fact, we have to find ways to accelerate the responsible use of AI to maximize benefits and improve patient outcomes.” The panel will explore how AI can revolutionize cancer drug discovery, the market potential for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and the challenges that must be overcome to realize these benefits.

BCRFA CerFlux 2022.jpg

Dated: 12/2/2022

“The BCRFA is proud to continue our legacy of driving breast cancer breakthroughs across Alabama,” said Beth Davis, BCRFA President & CEO. 2022 grantees include Drs. Karim Budhwani and Chelsea Crawford (CerFlux) for "Getting the Right Treatment to the Right Patient by Matching Regimens to Patient Biopsy Before Treatment."

CerFlux Lab.png

“[Cancer] is not a monolithic disease…it has many many heads,” Budhwani explained to Hypepotamus. “So we need to be able to look at cancer from a multi-headed monster perspective rather than a single monolithic disease.”

Its technology is working to take one single biopsy of a tumor and treat it with dozens of different regimens – something that can save valuable time in finding the right treatment for someone with cancer.

Dated: 11/1/2022


Dated: 8/28/2022

The company's work involves testing multiple cancer drugs simultaneously on standard biopsy tissue obtained from a patient’s tumor. The benefits of the new technology include not only life-saving and quality-of-life-improving treatments for patients, but potential billions of dollars in savings for pharmaceutical companies.

Dated: 6/15/2022

Clips from the BIO International Convention 2022 panel, "Cancer Trials Don’t Have To Fail 90% of the Time. Seriously." moderated by Dr. Karim Budhwani, CEO of CerFlux with expert panelists Ms. Shara Avis from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Matthew Clark from CerFlux, and Dr. Scott Lundeen from Johnson & Johnson.


An estimated 90% of cancer clinical trials fail, sending those potential oncology treatments either to the drawing board or the scrap heap. Each unsuccessful trial means billions lost in R&D investment and, potentially, countless lives. During the upcoming BIO International Convention, experts from CerFlux, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Aga Khan University will weigh in with insights.

Dated: 6/7/2022


Dated: 6/2/2022

Dr. Budhwani, CEO of CerFlux, an Alabama cancer biotech, will lead a panel at the 2022 BIO International Convention in San Diego, where 20,000 people from 60 countries are expected to attend. The panel will explain how personalizing cancer treatment can also improve clinical trials and help the health care system save money.


Dated: 2/16/2022

Here is a list of ten women scientists in Birmingham who are making their mark in science, technology, and innovation from new knowledge around the city…


Dated: 1/24/2022

Across the spectrum of the economy, there are Birmingham businesses well positioned for success in the new year, with many primed to lead our economy. We’re highlighting 22 such companies. In 2022, CerFlux established a new 3,000 sq-ft biotech facility at a busy intersection in downtown Birmingham. The company’s continued growth and success would cement Birmingham’s reputation as a biotech and health care innovation leader.

new board collage.png

Dated: 1/21/2022

New members of the BCRFA Medical Advisory Council include the co-founder and CEO of CerFlux. The Medical Advisory Council has the critical job of ensuring the science is sound…


Dated: 12/6/2021

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA) has awarded CerFlux $100,000 Innovation award to fast-track research and development of the CerFlux Personalized Oncology Efficacy Test (POET)


The pandemic has spared few sectors, and Birmingham’s startup scene is no different, with Covid-19 causing a mix of challenges and opportunities…

Dated: 3/11/21


Last year, as word of the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread across the United States, Dr. Karim Budhwani realized that the country was not prepared to face this crisis. He joined forces with others to put out briefs identifying critical areas of shortages, helped design, produce, and test the inexpensive PABR (Pierce-Arora-Budhwani Respirator), …

Dated: 3/7/21


CerFlux, a local startup focused on cancer, has been selected for the NIH I-Corps Accelerator to fast track the commercialization of the company’s personalized medicine test also known as the Personalized Oncology Efficacy Test (POET). The company has also received a $50,000 grant from the NIH…

Dated: May the 4th be with you

BCRFA Invests Over $1 Million Into Research Projects in 2020


The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama has selected the projects that will earn part of $1.05 million delegated to Alabama-based breast cancer research. “Despite Covid-19, individuals and companies throughout the state stepped up for breast cancer research,” said Beth Bradner Davis, executive director of the BCRFA…

Dated: 2/8/2021

Servant Leader Vulcans Community Awards 2020


Vulcan Servant Leader Award presented in recognition of selfless service to others. This award recognizes those who, like Vulcan, has stood for the community by serving others. CerFlux CEO, Dr. Karim Budhwani, receives the Servant Leader Spear Award at the annual Vulcans Community Awards for his work in scientific research and developing strategies to help combat the spread of COVID-19…

Dated: 1/28/2021

CerFlux Raises $1 Million in Seed Capital


The capital raise, which includes funds from many local investors, will be used to support the company’s research and development on its upcoming test called the Personalized Oncology Efficacy Test, or POET. Company leaders hope the capital can help bring the product to the public faster…

Dated: 1/5/2021

CerFlux Receives Grant from Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama


CerFlux’s imaging technology is used to provide efficiency that is critical for processing breast cancer tumor specimens through a Personalized Oncology Efficacy test, or POET. The personalized medicine approach at the heart of POET, according to CerFlux, will address the critical, urgent and unmet need for accessible and affordable predictive tools that identify the optimal systemic therapy regimens and eliminate ineffective options for treatment…

Dated: 12/24/2020


In a year like this, heroes rise to the occasion. Since the Covid-19 crisis emerged in March, we’ve seen it time and again across a variety of industries. But, in this challenging year, the heroes in our health care world deserve special recognition. Cancer – the emperor of all maladies – kills nearly 10 million people every year; one death every three seconds. At CerFlux, we are developing nanomedicine biotechnology to change the paradigm from “dying of cancer” to “living with cancer”…

Dated: 12/24/2020


Birmingham has been a health care town for a long time with a tremendous concentration of emerging leaders who are poised to shape the health care, technology and innovation sectors for years to come. We are recognizing those emerging leaders in this special NextGenBHM feature…

Dated: 11/12/2020

BIO Alabama: Connecting the Bioscience Ecosystem Key for Future Growth


The 2020 BIO Alabama Conference wrapped up its final day with panels and keynote speakers including biotech innovation, incubators, and accelerators. In total, the conference delivered over 70 presenters in over 30 sessions. Dr. Karim Budhwani, CEO of advanced personalization medicine technology company CerFlux Inc., gave an insightful talk on innovation and new knowledge, the basis of innovation…

Dated: 10/09/2020

CerFlux Receives Grant for Development of Oncology Test


A cancer-specific personalized medicine startup in Birmingham has received a R43 grant from the National Cancer Institute. CerFlux received $249,148 to help fund the continuing development of its low-cost, rapid personalized oncology efficacy test, dubbed POET, for Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC)…

Dated: 9/15/2020

These Two Birmingham Men Designed $2 Desk Partitions. Could This Make School Return Safer?

Mobile Phone

Dr. Karim Budhwani and Dr. Craig Wilson are putting their considerable talents to work designing something that might make returning to school this fall safer. Learn more about the simple desk partition that has the potential to make safe and healthy learning in schools—in Birmingham and elsewhere—much easier all around. Keep reading for all the details…

Dated: 8/4/2020

A Covid Stimulus Strategy That Works


While this is a very difficult time for our physical, mental, and financial health; it is also a critical time for us to set differences aside and come together to fight this pandemic. It is in this spirit that we are writing to you today to suggest an approach which costs a fraction of the proposed $3 trillion package, is sustainable over twelve months, and provides a more robust path to economic recovery while simultaneously safeguarding those most susceptible to COVID-19 and shielding health systems from becoming overwhelmed…

Dated: 8/4/2020

High Stakes: How to Open Alabama Schools


Dated: 7/19/2020

Birmingham Business Leaders Sound Off On Race, Social Justice and Calls to Action

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 1.15.03 PM.png

Amid the backdrop of national protests and calls for change to eliminate racism and ensure social justice, the BBJ reached out to business leaders in Birmingham for their reactions, reflections and calls to action…

Dated: 6/8/2020

How 5 Birmingham Startups + Startup Communities Are Working Now—Why It Matters


One exciting aspect of CerFlux’s new way of work is how it’s opening up more research to not just cancer treatments, but also COVID-19 relief. Working closely with their colleagues at the mighty UAB, collaborative efforts resulted in an adaptation of the elastomeric half-mask respirator to make it compatible with hospital-grade inline N1000 filters…

Dated: 5/28/2020

Alabama Launchpad Awarded $580K from the State. Here’s How That Money Will Be Used.


“The Alabama Launchpad Seed Award will be invested in areas ranging from procuring additional equipment, hiring and training scientists, to underwriting costs associated with intellectual property protection and regulatory approval processes. Bottom line: we intend to multiply and reinvest this ‘seed’ back in Alabama,” Budhwani said…

Dated: 4/27/2020

Volunteers Step Up To Face The Challenges Of The Pandemic


Efforts in Birmingham to thwart the spread of COVID-19 stretch from volunteer organizations that have stitched more than 18,500 cloth face masks to tech companies and businesses using prototyping, fabrication and 3D printers to create face shields and ventilator adaptors. Birmingham biotech company CerFlux is using its manufacturing, fabrication and prototyping capacities to create PPEs. “Our primary focus is on producing personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes face shields and respirators/masks. We are also preparing to assist in other areas such as ventilator adaptors,” said Dr. Karim Budhwani, CEO of CerFlux and visiting scientist at UAB’s School of Medicine…

Dated: 4/10/2020

Birmingham 3D printers go to work to help hospitals


Birmingham companies are stepping up to fill in the gaps due to a shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak, and 3D printing is proving to be one successful resource…

Dated: 3/30/2020

Surviving COVID-19


In less than four months, our world has been changed dramatically due to the global COVID-19 pandemic from the spread of a new coronavirus: SARS-CoV-2…

Dated: 3/19/2020

Birmingham Company Wins Big in First Alabama Launchpad Competition of Year


A Birmingham company emerged victorious in the seed-stage category of the first Alabama Launchpad competition of 2020. CerFlux won the $100,000 seed stage prize from the Feb. 27 contest, which is a program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. CerFlux previously won the concept stage prize during Alabama Launchpad in 2019…

Dated: 2/28/2020

Five Birmingham Companies are Finalists in Alabama Launchpad


We are proud to support these innovative entrepreneurs,” said EDPA President Steve Spencer. “Alabama Launchpad is here to serve early-stage companies all over Alabama, and we look forward to seeing these finalists compete onstage in our state’s capital”…

Dated: 2/19/2020

The $1.05m Was BCRFA’s Largest Donation to Date, and Went to Some Worthy Recipients.


It’s kind of dizzying to look at all the good work this sizable donation was able to fund. Here are the very broadest brushstrokes: 7 fully funded projects, 7 projects that received partial grants or second-year funding, BCRFA Endowed Professorship. Many, but not all, of the projects are affiliated with the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center. Other recipients included CerFlux, Southern Research Institute and USA Mitchell Cancer Institute…

Dated: 1/14/2020

Birmingham-based Biotech Company CerFlux Wants to #CrushCancer.


While the rest of Birmingham goes about its business, a team of superheroes at CerFlux is working tirelessly to crush cancer. Dennis Leonard, from the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, said Alabama’s second chance at a Moon Shot is the eradication of cancer…

Dated: 7/19/2019

New Biotech and R&D Space Set to Open Downtown


A new space to house biotech and R&D startups in the Magic City is preparing to open in downtown Birmingham. The project has been in the works for more than two years, and the end result is expected to provide a boost to the local innovation scene by providing critical lab space and a hub for young companies that are tackling the world’s biggest problems, such as cancer…

Dated: 7/18/2019

Meet Birmingham's top CFOs for 2019


In our 2019 CFO Awards, we’re recognizing those talented leaders who are often at the right hand of CEOs – guiding companies through periods of growth and navigating increasingly complex regulations while also shaping the strategies of their businesses…

Dated: 6/18/2019

Karim Budhwani is Engineering A New Approach to Cancer Care


For the past 20 years, Karim Budhwani has been honed in on innovation and how it can change business, science and the lives of people around him. “We’re always focused on being future-ready, rather than just addressing the challenges that they may be having today,” Budhwani said…

Dated: 3/20/2019

Birmingham Startup Among Winners in First Alabama Launchpad of 2019


Birmingham Medical startup CerFlux and Phenix City’s VentorLux LLC were the two winners. CerFlux, led by Dr. Karim Budhwani, Lisa Johnson and Chris Krebs, took home the $50,000 prize in the concept stage of the competition. The company has conceptualized an approach to finding more precise treatment of people with a cancer diagnosis, using a patent-pending precision medicine model. This model can individualize a therapy that can yield better results in fighting the disease…

Dated: 3/5/2019

Birmingham Startup Among Winners in First Alabama Launchpad of 2019


In front of a sold-out crowd in Selma on February 28, six Alabama startups made their best pitch. And the winner is (drumroll) our health. Check out what $100,000-winner VentorLux and $50,000-winner CerFlux, based in Birmingham, have in store for us…

Dated: 3/4/2019

Where Breast Cancer Research Fits in Birmingham's Commercialization Push


From the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Southern Research to recent startups, Birmingham is already on the forefront of the battle against breast cancer in many respects. “If you look at breast cancer cases, there are almost 300,000 cases a year. So building that body of knowledge is great, but we have to do something about taking that research, pulling out from the labs and bringing it to life, and that’s where the entrepreneurial mindset comes in: how do you take these ideas that would otherwise die in labs, how do you put them into labs and bring them to life so that it can applied? That’s what we need more of – we need the entrepreneurial mindset, and we need more funding,” Budhwani said…

Dated: 10/25/2018

Birmingham Women to Watch for 2018


My goals include #CrushCancer, expand health care access, and reduce incorrect claims payments. First, through CerFlux, we want to equip patients and physicians with additional data about the most efficient treatment for each individual’s tumor,” Johnson said…

Dated: 10/21/2018

Watch out for these 7 startups honored at EDPA’s imerge event on July 12


Did you make it to imerge? A signature event of Birmingham’s recent Innovation Week and hosted by the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA), imerge recognized movers and shakers in Alabama’s start-up business scene…

Dated: 7/24/2018

EDPA Unveils Innovation Awards Winners at iMerge


The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama named the winners for its 2018 EDPA Innovation Awards at the 2018 imerge event. Startup Executive of the Year, Dr. Karim Budhwani, is CEO of CerFlux Personalized Medicine, which aims to reduce the pain, reduce the discomfort and reduce the cost of cancer treatment…

Dated: 7/13/2018

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